General Surgery & Laparoscopic Surgery


  •  Round the clock emergency surgical services
  •  Surgical Intensive Care Unit
  •  Emergency & Elective Laparoscopic & Open GI surgical procedure
  •  All diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopic procedures
  •  Abdominal, Thyroid, Breast and Endocrinal surgeries
  •  Varicose vein surgery
  •  Diabetic foot surgery and reconstruction
  •  Stapler of Haemorrhoids
  •  Laparoscopic Hernia repair



Our General Surgery & Laparoscopic Surgery Department is dedicated to providing comprehensive surgical care to patients with a wide range of conditions, including trauma, gastrointestinal disorders, hernias, breast disease, and endocrine disorders. The department specializes in both open and laparoscopic surgery techniques, providing patients with advanced surgical options and personalized treatment plans.

Round the clock emergency surgical services: The department provides emergency surgical services 24/7 to treat various medical conditions that require immediate surgical intervention, such as acute appendicitis, bowel obstruction, and traumatic injuries.

Surgical Intensive Care Unit: The department also has a Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) that offers critical care to patients who require postoperative care or are suffering from severe illnesses such as sepsis or multiple organ failure.

Emergency & Elective Laparoscopic & Open GI surgical procedure: The department offers both emergency and elective open and laparoscopic surgical procedures to treat gastrointestinal conditions such as hernias, appendicitis, gallstones, and inflammatory bowel disease.

All diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopic procedures: The department provides diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopic procedures for a wide range of conditions, including gynaecological conditions, urological conditions, and digestive disorders.

Abdominal, Thyroid, Breast and Endocrinal surgeries: The department provides surgical treatment for various conditions such as abdominal tumours, thyroid nodules, breast tumours, and endocrine disorders such as diabetes and adrenal disorders.

Varicose vein surgery: The department offers surgical treatment for varicose veins, a common condition that occurs when veins in the legs become enlarged and twisted, causing discomfort and pain.

Diabetic foot surgery and reconstruction: The department offers surgical treatment for diabetic foot, a condition that occurs due to complications of diabetes that can lead to foot ulcers, infections, and nerve damage.

Stapler of Haemorrhoids: The department provides surgical treatment for haemorrhoids, a condition in which the veins in the anus and lower rectum become swollen and inflamed.

Laparoscopic Hernia repair: The department offers laparoscopic hernia repair, a minimally invasive procedure that repairs the weakened abdominal wall and prevents the hernia from protruding.

Our focus on quality care and patient safety ensures that each patient receives personalized attention and the best possible outcome.



Dr M G Sijin

MBBS, MS (General Surgery)


Dr Syed Faizel C


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