E.M.S. Memorial Co-operative Hospital & Research Centre Ltd named after the legendary E M Sankaran Namboothiripad (1909 – 1998) also popularly known as E M S is widely recognized as the "hospital for people" in Kerala. It is primarily backed by the philosophy and dedication of E M S, who devoted himself for the service of humanity and elevating the poor and laymen in Kerala.

Further, with the medical arena developing at an increased pace, the hospital was established to benefit the new inventions that are applicable for human society. Additionally, the current dilemma of private sectors to invest crores of rupees with no gains and the non-availability of proper amenities to facilitate the ongoing developments led to the incorporation of this super specialty hospital in the cooperative sector. Since, the cooperative sector endeavors to promote and strengthen such new innovations.

Mile Stone


  • 1st phase was established with a share capital of Rs. 50 lakhs and 50 bed facility in a rented building.
  • Initial departments included general medicine, ophthalmology, gynaecology, orthopedics, pediatrics and few other basic facilities.


  • Foundation stone for a new hospital complex was laid.
  • From 2288 members to 9400 members with share capital worth Rs. 16.53 crores, the hospital now has the capacity to house more than 500 beds.
  • New facilities and departments were introduced.

Board of Directors

  • Dr A .Mohammed - Chairman
  • Dr V.U Seethi - Vice Chairman


  • Sri.Karunakaran. T.K
  • Sri.Sreeramakrishnan. P
  • Sri.PP Vasudevan
  • Sri. Sekharan. P.C
  • Sri.Krishnan Karangat
  • Smt.PK Zainaba
  • Sri.Narayanan. P
  • Sri. Sasikumar. V
  • Ramannan. K.P
  • Smt. Hafsa Mohammed
  • Smt. Vimala

  • Dr. Mohandas - Medical Superintendent
  • Dr. Kochu. S. Mani - Deputy Medical Superintendent
  • Sri. M. Abdunnasir - General Manager

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