• Full fledged diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic unit. The latest endoscopic equipment and scopes(Olympus Evis Exera180 with narrow band imaging). We regularly perform advanced therapeutic procedures such as ERCP, Esophageal & stenting and Pancreatic endotherapy. We also provide comprehensive hepatology care for acute and chronic liver disease. List of Pocedures Diagnostic upper and lower GI endoscopes : a monthly average of 400 upper endoscopies and 100 colonoscopies are performed in the department Band ligation of varices Endoscopic sclerotherapy Endoscopic Foreign body removal Achalasia and balloon dilatation of esophageal and gastrointestinal strictures Savary dilatation of strictures Polypectomy Colonic dilatation Percutaneous Endoscopic gastrostomy(PEG): Tjis is a non - surgical technique for percutaneous placement of a feeding gastrotomy tube using an endoscope Esophageal stenting for patients with obstructing esophageal carcinoma ERCP: In the department, we perform 20 cases of ERCPs at an average per month Biliary balloon dilatation Bougie dilatation Nasobiliary or nasopancreatic drainage Needle knife papillotomy Sphincterotomy Stent placement Mechanical lithotripsy CBD stone extraction/clearance