• Provides safe and effective anaesthesia for super speciality and surgeries including neurosurgery, gastro surgery, paediatric and neonatal surgeries. Post operative intensive care survices provided for patients undergoing major surgeries, and high risk patients undergoing surgery. Facility for intensive monitoring such as ECG NiBP Arterial BP, oxygen saturation, capnograph, arterial blood gas analysis etc. Facilities for continuous intravenous and epidural infusion of pain killers, giving patient comfort, early mobilization and reduced ICU stay. Nerve locators for regional anaesthasia, planning to introduce USG guided regional anaesthesia soon. Trauma intensive care services: Airway management, ventilatory and haemodynamic support, and pain relief services for trauma patients requiring intensive care. Pain Reduced Labour Services: Provides pain relief for normal delivery by means of epidural infusions of local anaesthetics and/or opioids. Resuscitation Services: Provides cardiopulmonary resuscitation and Basic life supports and Advanced life Support Services anywhere in the hospital, as part of the Code Blue Team. We have in our department most modern Anaesthesia machines, Ventilators & Monitors. Facility for day care anaesthesia.