• EMS Memorial Co-operative Hospital is a super speciality institute which aims at providing world class evidence based treatment for various orthopaedics disorders.We continue our expertise in the area of patient care,clinical research and academics in order to provide the highest level of specialized services to each of our patients within his reach. Our team of doctors are highly skilled in treating various Orthopaedic condition ranging from trauma congenital & paediatric condition, geriatric condition,spinal problem etc.Our statics in the department. Along with Neurosurgery,Plastic surgery other department, we provide our patients round the clock 24hr trauma services, latest instrumentation techniques for fracture,fixation, joint replacement surgeries,arthoscopy surgeries of upper & lower limb,paediatrics orthopedic surgeries and CTEV clinics, deformity correction surgeries etc. Amrita EMR system enables us in giving more efficient patient care and also to keep track a record of our data for various academic activities.